Saturday, June 14, 2008


my best friend, vic, is turning 26 on the 23rd of this month . . . i have no clue as to what to get her. here's our conversation from today (more or less):

me: yo, your b-day is coming up. whatchu want, girl?

vic: surprise me. i am in denial about turning 26.

i only want things i can't have, such is life.

how are you?

me: JESUS CHRIST, are you going to be 26? fucking ay, i thought you were turning like 22 or something.

i'm a'ight. you know, insane as ever. things will be calming down soon.

but seriously . . . dinner and whatnot are a given, but i want to give you something special and seeing that my virginity is gone . . .


ab said...

My birthday is in July foolio.

Lana Banana said...

well, MY CALENDAR SAYS JUNE, so i guess you're just going to have to change your stinkin' b-day!!!


hey, at least i remembered, eh?!?

with my mind, that is feat, which should be applauded.

ab said...

I do commend you. It's nice to know that as an educator you have finally learned to keep a calendar, even if you get ALL the dates wrong.