Monday, June 23, 2008


after i teach "romeo and juliet", i show my students the zeffirelli version of the play . . .

here's a snippet from my classroom this past semester:

"hey, ms. b, are we gonna see them get down again?

"no, the consummation scene is over, i'm afraid."

"what? we ain't gonna see no titties again?!?!"

"they're called breasts, thank you. and no, no more breasts. sorry."

"nuh uh. my momma's got breasts. them was some tittaaaaays . . . all bouncy and shit."

i love my job.


(you asked for it, mr. c . . .)


Mr C said...

I get a similar reaction when I show Polanski's MacBeth - though it's improved since I banned the PE teachers from my room.

When I show that film I get 100% attention throughout - is nudity the way to bring Shakespeare to the masses?

Lana Banana said...


is that a rhetorical question?

oh, mr. c, nudity is, i am learning, apparently good for a lot of things, not just shakespeare . . .

The Wandering Gentile said...

It is not inappropriate to say that the studen palate has not yet the ability to discern (as an example) Salma in "Desperado," (Nekkid) from Salma in "Frida" (Naked). Big difference. To paraphrase the late, great Lewis Grizzard, "naked" is merely without clothes, such as in a clinical situation, "nekkid" being without clothes and on the verge of doin' somethin' you probably ain't supposed to without the benefit of clergy.

Shakespeare can be naked, but is unlikely to ever be seen as nekkid by most, due to the fact that he has been dead for quite some time.

Considering Juliet's age, one suspects an R Kelly album based upon Romeo and Juliet at some point in the future...

Cassy said...

Lana - WTF? U hiding? on vacation? espero que estes bien - nice boobs! :)