Sunday, November 2, 2008


so, i have this little ritual where i like to watch the sun rise over the sea on sunday mornings . . . (these snaps are from today.)

(all photos 2008: laguna beach, ca.)


De Campo BC said...

Lovely pictures! However, I would’ve thought Laguna to have a better break.

On a side note, whenever I hear the words ritual and sunrise together I always imagine sacrifice. Imagine my disappointment when I got to the end of your pictures without one toss up to the gods. Merely a suggestion.

unique_stephen said...

Your camera is rocking back and forth like a boat, except you're standing on dry ground - which is odd really

Cassy said...

You're fortunate to live near such a majestic place. In summer we live at the beach for one week in North Carolina, and I love looking at that. I could watch it for hours, thinking, contemplating, dreaming. A most beautiful piece of Earth and life. I like that you get to do that every week.

Lana Banana said...

mr. de campo, sir: i had some pictures up, which i know would've pleased (appeased?) you (and the gods), but i was afraid i'd get hate mail from PETA . . .

and yeah, actually not a lot of great surf in laguna. it's much better up a ways at huntington beach.

you should come down sometime. i'm not a half bad surfing instructor.

stephen: love, it wasn't the camera. it was the four, maybe five (i can't remember) martinis i had before i got there.

chica: you, me, costa rica. bring the family. you'll love it. you wouldn't even need a hotel.