Saturday, December 6, 2008


welcome to missouri, y'all!

here are blu and i (along with the most amazing yearbook consultant ever) in kansas city, marceline (also known as walt disney's hometown, "the original mainstreet USA), hannibal (awww, i love you mark twain!) and saint louis.

but why did we go to missouri, you ask? the journalism education association's bi-annual conference, of course . . . though, we did take a couple of extra days to visit the walsworth factory (the people who make our school's yearbook), as well as the fabled dwelling place of the inimitable mark twain, hannibal.

(all photos 2008: missouri.)

at the hyatt in st. louis, on our way to walsworth's amazing dinner at an always posh place.

blu, our rep and i heading out to check out st. louis after dusk.

(all photos 2008: kansas city, mo.)

how sweet . . . we love walsworth!

our yearbook and the main reason it's amazing . . . blu!

this is the mayor of marceline, who gave us a personal tour of the walsworth factory. very cool.

see anything good?

god, i love being an american. we are masters of obviousness.

(all photos 2008: marceline, mo.)

welcome to marceline, walt disney's hometown, and walsworth headquarters!

let's hope her wish was that her face wouldn't stay like that . . .

i don't know how she has all that energy. it's pretty astounding.

(all photos 2008: hannibal, mo.)

i always knew i looked like a boy . . .

ah, if i had but a fraction of his genius, of his wit, of his cleverness . . . i'd still suck, but less so.

our rep and blu looking lovely in front of the mighty mississippi.

yeah, we're gonna climb it, too. i can feel a heart attack coming . . .

bye tom! bye huck!

(all photos 2008: st. louis, mo.)

yeah, i'm seriously fucking scared, too.

for scale.

she apparently likes big, hard, shiny, wet, erect things. can't blame her.

oh, suuuuuuure, it's all fun and games until somebody dies in a tragic and painful elevator disaster . . .

blu's not really shaking, I AM.

yeah, over 600 feet up in the air . . . i too am shocked i didn't vomit.

the view was totally worth the possibility of death.

get me outta here!

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