Sunday, January 3, 2010


happy new year!

wow, so, yeah, i disappeared for a year. 2009 was spectacularly shitty and i needed to go away to sift through it, but i'm very happy to be back.

my hands are clean, my head is clear and i can see the path again.


David Williamson said...

Happy New Year!!!

Great to have AF back online!

Cassy said...

Mujer! Where've you been???!!! I missed you and tried so many ways to get in touch! Well, no se me pierda, OK? I look forward to reading your posts (yeah, I should talk, I've neglected my own blog!)

Lana Banana said...

david! yeah, it is great to be back! i am so far behind on your posts, as well as sam's . . . but i'm going to really enjoy playing catch-up. ps: your drawings are as mind-blowing and gorgeous as ever . . .

cassy: no preguntes donde estuve. it wasn't pretty. i've been such an idiot for the past year. thank you for keeping in touch with me throughout. i won't get lost again. i am so excited to read your amazing words again! cuidate muchisimo!