Tuesday, March 8, 2011


tomorrow, some 50-60 teachers in my district (roughly 10 at my own school, which is approximately 10% of the faculty) will receive pink slips or RIFs (reduction in force slips).

ummm, here's hoping i still have a job next year . . . (fingers crossed)

and, uh, IF i DO get laid off . . . does anyone need a live-in maid? i do great windows.


Kal said...

If you loose your job..and I suspect you won't, you can always come up here and pic cans with me. and we can paint happy faces on rocks to sell to tourists at the side of the road. And those are only TWO of my great money making schemes.

Holly Vance said...

Cher Bear is willing to take you in. In fact, she was rather insistent on it. And she'll give you ONE gown.