Thursday, January 17, 2008


(2007: los angeles, ca. hem and victoria.)

making the fray bearable: tweedle dee and tweedle dum. seriously, though, victoria, my wyf (ah, chaucer!), is genuinely great people. she and i met at ucla during the first year of my second round. and hem . . . he was our shakespeare ta. our AWESOME shakespeare ta.

vicky, she's certifiably witty, irreverent, kind, generous, patient, forgiving, and just fucky enough to keep things interesting. besides, she's the only person who'll have an entire conversation with me completely in middle english (she's still at ucla trying to get a phd in some totally insane little niche of the literary world).

at any rate, she just got her first apartment. it's very, very posh--just like her.

congratulations on the new pad, baby! happy housewarming (this coming saturday). el-o vino here we come-o!

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