Monday, September 15, 2008


can someone please explain to me when fat-bashing became posh?

when did it become socially acceptable, even fashionable, to make fun of and/or generally be rude towards fat people?

i want to know.

i saw a personals ad the other day that read, "if you're a BBW (Big "Beautiful" Woman), do not message me. i cannot get into fat women, period."

ok, maybe that's not exactly "bashing", but let me put it another way . . .

what if the ad read, "if you're a jew, do not message me. i cannot get into jewish women, period."

or, "if you're an african-american, do not message me. i cannot get into black women, period."

do you ever see or hear anyone saying that?

no, of course you don't.

now, before all of you start saying, "but lana, blacks can't help being black, or jews can't help being jewish . . ." i just want to say that while there are some overweight people out there who CAN help being overweight, there are some who CAN'T.

i mean, if you put up an ad, and a fat person answers it, is it really so hard to say, "i'm flattered. thank you for your note, but no thank you."


i'm not saying people aren't allowed to have preferences, but i just feel that if you wouldn't say, "blacks need not apply," or, "jews need not apply," then why would you think that saying, "fat people need not apply" is ok?

if a large number of blacks or jews responded to your ad, would you post a similar statement on your ad, or would you just reply to each person individually and say, "gee, thanks, but no thanks"?

for the record, i don't think obesity, whatever the reason, is particularly attractive (and more importantly, heathly) either, but i would never dream of saying or writing something like that. never. and not the least of which is because i too struggle with weight. it's just not right.

some of you are going to call me an overly-sensitive, politically-correct, bleeding-heart, tree-hugging liberal . . .

i thank you.

i hope most of you, though, will simply join me in saying that, at best, saying something like that is tactless, and at worst, bigoted.


unique_stephen said...

Attraction is attraction.
For me someones size has little baring on how I respond to that person in most social situations but when it comes to the X factor, the sizzle in the sausage, so to speak - I'm at the mercy of my genetics and imprinting.

Society is to blame.

Lana Banana said...

us: it's not that i have a problem with someone not being turned on by fat people.

i get it.

like i said, you know, obesity isn't my bag either . . .

but i wouldn't make it a point to state that in a personals ad.

does that make sense?

like, i don't think anyone would begrudge someone not being attracted to a certain look, or a certain whatever, but saying, "no blacks, no jews, no asians, no whites, no latinos, no _____ . . ." seems rude to me, or just really, really poor taste.


or maybe it's just the drugs talking . . .

i don't know.

ignore me.

about that sizzling sausage though . . .

The Wandering Gentile said...

I have been skinny, and I am pudgy.

I am bald, pale, a bit above average in height. My myopia is such that it would be possible for me to mistake the identity of someone I was making love to.

My role model is Shrek, as it is possible for me to aspire to the Ogre's physique, digestive noises and hair line.

After years of self-consciousness, my companions have trended to undertall and buxom.

It seems horribly vain and conceited for one to state what he does not want in a personal ad. Would he not be better served by emphasizing an enthusiasm for exercise and physical fitness, both of which preclude the kind of sedentary lifestyle which can lead to obesity?

I'm just sayin...

Glad you're back!

Gil, a/k/a another kind of pain in the tuchas.

Lana Banana said...

gil! siempre que me respondes me quitas las palabras directamente de la boca (espero que te hallas lavado las manos, hermano)! por eso, amigo, es que me fascinas!

que lastima que tu y tu esposa estan tan lejos, asi como me gustaria invitarlos a tomarse un cafe (costaricense!) en mi casa . . .

and now, for you folks who can't speak spanish (umm, that INCLUDES you, gil!): every time you respond to my posts, you always take the words right out of my mouth (hope you washed your hands, brother)! that's probably why i like you so much!

it's too bad that you and your wife are so far away, as i would love to invite you both to my house for a (proper costa rican) coffee . . .


unique_stephen said...

It is rude - perhaps you could say "must be into surfing, caving and rock climbing"

unique_stephen said...

Mi espousa es de Colombia.
Hablo espanglish

Lana Banana said...

us: that's what gil said and that's what i think.

"must be able to do laundry on their own abs . . ."

sounds better than, "fatties move along . . ."

si, me contaste que tu esposa es colombiana.

i was made in colombia, if you know what i mean (and i think you do), so i guess that makes me a little bit colombian, no?

and, did you know that costa ricans and colombians have almost the exact same accent? they do!

but more about this spanglish . . . tell me, stephen, do you just add "o" to the end of every word and call it spanish?

grocery store-o
g-day mate-o
stereo (bad example)

you're awesome-o . . .

unique_stephen said...

EntiendO casi todO pero hablO solementi un pequitO

I just throw in the English word if I don't know it. but I know enough to know that you never admit to being embarrassed or excited - as one may lead to the other

si, soy moi exitido .

De Campo BC said...

I take it you didn’t like my “There’s Strong….and Then There’s Army Strong” picture I posted?

Lana Banana said...

my dearest ass man: i took it as a commentary more on the military than on the man in the photo . . . which is where i thought you were going with it . . . no?

now, if you want to get a rise out of me, that comment about costa rican medicine . . .

Real Live Lesbian said...

Well said. Tactless, it is.

I agree...can't we just say things like must love mountain climbing? That'll weed out anyone that's not in top form!