Monday, September 15, 2008


this sciatica thing REALLY blows.

i've resorted to taking a vicodin with my breakfast every morning, right alongside my vitamins, because the pain is so exquisite.

my family thinks i'm becoming dependent. my friends think i'm becoming dependent. even my yoga instructor thinks i'm becoming dependent.

gee, what gave it away, folks? that i'm starting to double-up the dosage to TWO 750mg pills at a time, instead of one?

i can't help it.

nothing i'm doing is working. not yoga, not weight lifting, not this ridiculously healthy eating regimen i've been keeping, not chiropractic medicine, not anything . . .

nothing, that is, except vicodin.

i mean, if i were one of those people who just likes sitting on their ass, that would be one story, but i am a workaholic, type-a, leadery, go-getter who's doing, doing, doing 24/7. rest isn't an option!


anyhow, i know there are people out there with much worse problems than ass pain, but fuck, this is a serious pain in the ass.

(and, no, mom, i can't possibly become addicted to vicodin . . . don't worry. after all, my prescription runs out this month . . .)

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unique_stephen said...

So - they are almost Australian then.