Monday, April 28, 2008


i'm not used to not being amazing at everything i do, so the fact that my news staff class has sucked two years in a row is REALLY FUCKING KILLING ME.

ok, ok, the first year it sucked, it sucked because i was new and didn't know what the hell i was doing. i mean, we took second place at district, but second place, as we all know, is just first losers.

but this year? there's no excuse. it's all my fault. i totally shit the bed. i didn't plan, thinking i was brilliant enough to wing it.

whoops. newsflash: i'm an idiot.


ok, i'm giving it one more year and if my kids and i aren't kicking ass and taking names by the end of next year, then i'm passing the torch. which is to say, i'm never going to pass the torch . . .

ps: home today because i feel like shit . . . and i was at work all day sunday . . . and i didn't go to bed until 4am working on a project for the vice principal . . .

why, oh, why can i never say no to anyone?

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