Friday, April 4, 2008


after my last post, someone asked me why i hate bush.

the fact is that i don't hate bush, i LOATHE him (i find that, actually, "hate" is too weak a word. i hate oprah. i hate brussel sprouts. but at least they don't ruin people's lives (much). . .).

here are a few reasons (this list is by no means exhaustive):

reasons 1-937 (+/- 10): he's a liar. yes, all politicians are. hell, so am i sometimes! but he's a REALLY BIG liar.

one lie, ok. two lies, ok. a hundred lies, even, ok. BUT NINE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SEVEN LIES?!?! and those were exclusively for the war in iraq; that's not even counting all of the lies required for other international and domestic affairs . . .

reason 938: he's a moron. i could be more eloquent, but why waste all that energy firing off my synapses when it it easily boils down to this: we've got an ass who maxed out at "Cs" in college at the helm of the world's largest super power . . . and i resent it. a lot.

reason 939: iraq. some have called it a "necessary" war. i wouldn't necessarily say so . . . but now that we're in it i agree that we have to fight smart and do whatever we can to make sure iraq doesn't succumb to sectarian violence, which would leave it wide open to terrorist organizations (more so than it already is).

if we pull out now, as certain people suggest, iraq will become one giant training ground for al qaeda, hamas, you name it . . .

people thought 9/11 was bad, ha! pull out of iraq now and let's talk in 6 months to see what those people have to say THEN!

and even more basic than that, it's just plain wrong to take the seagull approach now. we owe the iraqi people more than that . . .

reason 940: the economy. i have to move to zimbabwe now if i want to be able to live in the style to which i have become accustomed (see post from march 26th). you know, with the way bush has shit all over the us dollar, zimbabwe is probably the only place left in the world where i can afford such little luxuries as . . . i dunno . . . FOOD!

reason 941: he's made the whole world loathe US! as if people didn't have enough fucking reasons to want to kill us before WITHOUT this idiot galavanting around the globe running roughshod over other people's cultures, beliefs, and values!

reason 942: he said that god spoke to him. listen, if god does exist, you think he's gonna call YOU?!?! fuck no!

wait. shit. this reason is the same as #938. fuck . . .


Mr C said...

I was going to reply to your last reply on my last post... but it just seemed that reply - your reply, the last one - on my post - it just seemed a reply that needed no reply, the last reply if you like.

As for Bush, maybe if we all sat down and chatted over a whiskey we'd all get to understand him and know why he felt the need to wrap himself in the american flag and roll about in shit. I'm actually a little proud of that metaphor so just run with it.

Lana Banana said...

thanks for taking the trouble to post your reply, the one above, to my last reply on your blog here, this, my blog, rather than there, on your blog, below my last reply to your most recent post.

anyhow, i like your idea . . . though, i hope you realize that we're gonna need A LOT of whiskey. as a matter of fact, i'd better bring some vodka too . . .

(and yeah, that was a sweet little metaphor . . . and yeah, i am going to run with it.)

The Wandering Gentile said...

Aw, Lana, come on. Give George W a break.

You would be cranky and make bad decisions , too, if you had just spent the last 7 years with Dick Cheney's arm up your ass!