Saturday, April 5, 2008


just got out of the bath. mmm . . .

for whatever reason, the words "bundlie wundlie" come to mind.

i feel cozy and soft and warm. and i smell pretty nice too thanks to a sweet lemony bath bomb from lush (they make THE best bath goods. i am a total lush whore, just ask vic who's always with me when i'm at the third street promenade blowing my paycheck in their store).

at any rate, while i was in the tub i was listening to the soweto gospel choir and thinking that i really want to go to africa.

i've always wanted to see victoria falls and bungee jump off of the bridge that straddles the zambezi between zimbabwe and zambia . . . but alas, at least for the foreseeable future, such a trip must remain a dream.

i was talking about this with some people and you know, it's not even the money that's a problem. sure, airfare is steep, but once you arrive it's not all that expensive . . .

the real problem is putting our money into certain places and in effect sanctioning governments and actions that have no place in this world. how could we, in good conscience, support the government of zimbabwe at this time?

no way.

it's the same with the olympics, right? i mean, look at them . . . in theory, politics has nothing to do with the games, but who really believes that today? everything we do--every dollar, or euro, or pound, or what-have-you that we spend--makes a statement about our political and social ideologies.


so, i guess that for now, friends, victoria falls is off our list . . .

but if you're ever 'round the way, here in el lay, the bridge to nowhere, just 30 minutes away from my apartment, offers an amazing hike and bungee ride . . .

who's with me?!?!

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