Tuesday, October 7, 2008


(2008: whittier, ca. thank you, mr. wonderful, for all of YOUR amazing, tireless, loving work with the OASIS program and our students. you're a tremendous inspiration to everyone around you.)

(2008: whittier, ca. woot woot!!!)

guess who got "teacher of the month" for our school's at-risk intervention program called OASIS (Organized Academic Support in School) yesterday?


i got a huge hug from my students who are in the program and a very cool t-shirt, which you can see me wearing!

isn't that sweet?

thank you so much! i'm flattered and honored.

but, it has to be said, it's the kids in the program who deserve the congratulations as they strive to overcome a myriad of very, very, very trying situations.

much, much, MUCH love . . .


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Felicidades mujer!

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muchisimas gracias, amiga. cada dia trato de ser mas como tu!

how am i doing so far?