Wednesday, October 1, 2008


people are weird.

i mean, i'm weird too, but somehow i don't seem THAT weird to myself.

make sense?

no, of course not, it's ME talking.

anyhow, i keep getting hits from google, which is fine; great, even. what i find amusing, though, is HOW people stumble upon my little corner of the net . . .

for example, in the last week, i've had about 50 hits for "bbw latina teacher".

yeah, my thoughts exactly.

wow, if i would have fucking known that there was a market out there for rubenesque, latina teachers, i would NOT have signed up for a gym membership!

why the hell am i sweating my ass off, when clearly there are men out there who'd prefer for me to keep it ON?

now, where are those chocolate bon-bons?


The Wandering Gentile said...

Were there no Mrs Wandering Gentile, rubenesque latina teacher would be very close to the physical description at the top of my list.

This comes from a man who fretted for twenty years over his calvicie, only to discover that when he shaved his coconut, women started rubbing his head as if it were the magic lamp.

What is sexy is not giving a rat's ass about that over which one has little or no control, and learning to love oneself.


unique_stephen said...

I get foot fetish searches.. what??

Lana Banana said...

gil: ah, the slow, arduous climb up self-esteem mountain . . .

mrs. wandering gentile=lucky lady.

stephen: i know, right? wtf? i say "bbw" ONE TIME and BAM!, i'm the place to find the fatties. fuck.

(so, umm, DO you have a foot fetish? inquiring minds, and all that . . .)

unique_stephen said...

not that I am aware. I'm still indulging pretty heavily in my small boobs fetish at the mo.

Lana Banana said...

small boobs, eh?

IF i were lesbian, i think i'd like medium-sized jubblies.

i'm just sayin' . . .