Tuesday, October 7, 2008


here's why i was so tired:

the freshman homecoming float 2008! (by the way, we took third place!!! sure, it's out of four places, but fuck, it beats coming in last, no? we took out the juniors . . . seniors came in first and sophomores second.)

what's homecoming, you ask? well, for those of you across the pond, "homecoming" is when the school's alumni come home (get it?) to reconnect with the new generations (read: donate money). there's a dance, and a football game (of course!), and week-long festivities that culminate in what you see below . . .

(all photos 2008: whittier, ca.)

preparing . . .

i can't even tell you how many hours went into this. and i know it doesn't even look like it, but trust me, that's TWENTY-FOUR feet o' love and hard work, y'all. we had a fog machine, a bubble machine, spot lights, ambiance lighting, you name it. (a special thanks to mr. amazing, who busted his ass for us . . . not that he even knows this exists.)

captain hook looks ready . . . aaaaargh!

we be rollin' . . . (here i was in the bleachers praying to jeebus no-one would fall off and crack their head open. nobody did. that was nice.)

still rollin'. them thar blurs on the back be the lost kids. they were throwing hard candy at the crowd . . . who knew they'd act as projectile missiles, rather than treats? (note to self: buy chocolates next time. they hurt less when being hurled at 20 miles per hour.)

the sophomore class float. they got robbed. their float was the best, by far. but, we all know that the seniors always win, no matter what . . . sorry guys!

dude, cool background, i'll admit, but what happened to the rest of the float?!?! no props? hmmm . . .

very, very cool. plus, i LOVE "alice in wonderland". what's not to love? magic mushrooms . . . yeah, I KNOW WHY seniors chose this story . . . i mean, wow, they're soooooooo subtle, these kids.

oh, and just for shits and giggles, here's our class shirt. it sort of sucks . . .:

we sold out in just 3 days! awesome, given it's . . . er, simplicity.


unique_stephen said...

You have a class shirt???
Is that like a final year shirt or just for that particular class.
I can imagine an: "I survived Mr Tobie's Religious Education Class - 86". "Or I took 2 unit mathematics and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."

Lana Banana said...

hell yeah we have a class shirt!!!

and no, not a final year shirt, it's just for the freshmen . . . each class has their own version for their graduation year.

(for your reference: freshmen: 13-15 year olds; sophomores: 15-16 year olds; juniors 16-17 year olds; seniors 17-19 year olds.)

love your shirt ideas, though i personally like: "i graduated high school, however, now there's no money in the us or global economies to help me pay for college, so all i got was this shitty t-shirt."