Tuesday, May 6, 2008


monster earache today. went to school, but they sent me back once they saw me in the front office.

i feel like someone is slowly turning an ice pick in my ear, or i did . . . but now i feel nothing because i'm on vicodin. a lot of vicodin. vicodin is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. it's my friend.

seriously, though, i'm buying an industrial-sized alcohol gel dispenser for my desk. word. no, really, this must be like my fourth sinus infection this year. i NEVER used to have them before i began teaching.

anyhow, the only good thing about today is that . . . well, besides the delicious head-to-toe fuzzy feeling . . . i'm indulging in a thoroughly schmoopy "chick-flick", circa 1980, with john ritter.

do you remember john ritter? the star of tv's "three's company" (my favorite show when i was a kid)?

no? well, he wasn't anything amazing. no gregory peck. but he was cute . . . adorable, even . . . and he made me laugh. and i love men who make me laugh. i also love women who make me laugh, just not as much as men, if you know what i mean. (and i think that you do . . .)

he died five years ago at providence st. joseph hospital, you know, near my childhood home in burbank. (don't know why i thought of that . . .)

the movie--not that you'll ever watch it--is called "in love with an older woman".


Cassy said...

I used to have a crush on John Ritter - such a sweet face

Lana Banana said...

aww, i know, huh? not "gorgeous", but sweet, adorable, cute . . . i loved him.

when i was a kid, i had a crush on david hasselhoff . . . "the knight rider" . . . one time, my eldest brother walked in on my trying to make out with the tv . . . i was a weird kid.

wait, was?

anyhow, i was also crazy about tom selleck. "magnum PI" . . . sweet lord, he was hot. definitely not "cutesy" like ritter . . . just plain, old, scorching-rip-off-his-clothes-and-do-"it"-on-the-staircase kind of hot.