Wednesday, May 7, 2008


it's bleeding now . . . my ear, that is.

yeah, fun.

actually, not to sound like a broken record or anything, but this vicodin stuff . . . yowza! nice. very nice. i don't feel a darn thing.

(and no, i'm not going to turn into an addict. sheesh!)

anyhow, i thought i'd post a little something before i pass out.

i want to talk to you about ice cream.

and how sad i am that today the inventor of rocky road, THE GREATEST ICE CREAM FLAVOR THAT EVER WAS, died.


"LOS ANGELES: The man who helped build the 31-flavor craze at ice cream store Baskin-Robbins has died at age 90.

Irvine Robbins died Monday at his home in Rancho Mirage, Calif. home. Daughter Marsha Veit says he had been in ill for some time.

Generations of kids trooped to Baskin-Robbins stores to buy ice cream flavors like Pralines ’n Cream, Daiquiri Ice and Pink Bubblegum.

Robbins opened his first ice cream store in Glendale, Calif., in December 1945, following his discharge from the Army.

Robbins offered 21 flavors at that store. His brother-in-law, the late Burton Baskin, opened his own ice cream store in neighboring Pasadena a year later. The two eventually joined forces."


i grew up in the san fernando valley. bing crosby sang about it . . . it's my home . . . burbank, hollywood, the movie studios, the walk of fame . . . and baskin-robbins. i even used to go to the original glendale shop (or at least i think it was the orginal shop . . .) and have rocky road with my dad every saturday (he would have two scoops of something different every time; my dad was a wild man).

i never met mr. baskin or mr. robbins, but i sure loved their rocky road ice cream.

rocky road ice cream is THE best ice cream ever invented. period. it's the dog's bollocks and don't even try to dissuade me 'cause it ain't gonna work.

mmm, those plump pillowy puffs of heavenly marshmallowy goodness, together with the nutty crunchiness of titillating toasted almonds, surrounded by the cool creamy meltiness of the chocolatey chocolate . . . sweet baby jesus, that is good!

and i don't even like sweets. i am more of a savory girl myself, but i can never say no to rocky road. so, if you ever want me to say yes to something, just hide it, couch it, or somehow accompany it, whatever "it" may be, in or with a vat of rocky road ice cream. word.

but seriously, thank you mr. robbins . . . thank you.

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