Thursday, May 15, 2008


sorry, back with mr. c, one more time, who was having some qualms about kissing an older . . . a much, MUCH older . . . woman in a new play in which he's acting . . .

and i got to thinking: fuck, y'all, i gotta say, i LOVE older men.

harrison ford is over 60 and i would make out with him in a nanosecond.

i would also make out with--ZEEEEEEERO qualms, ZEEEEEEERO hesitation--alec baldwin, 50 . . . sean connery, whose official age can only be measured with carbon-14 dating . . . tom selleck, 63 . . . daniel day lewis, 51 . . . sam elliott, george clooney, pierce brosnan, anthony hopkins, robert duvall, tommy lee jones, and denzel washington, to name a few.

it's just funny, i think, that for men, it's really all about aesthetics . . . in the beginning, at least.

i mean, ok, fine, the men i've listed above are a fairly good-looking bunch, but i've dated (and been willing to date were they not already taken at the time) some men who, by conventional standards, most women would find unattractive, or, even, downright repulsive.

no actors come to mind, except, perhaps, alan rickman . . . but, i always fall first and foremost in love with a man's brain.

vic will attest to this since she went to ucla with me and saw me fall in love (lust?) with several honestly heinous-looking professors. one professor i fell in love with at ucla--i took every class he ever offered--was described by many as a "troll, only more unfortunate-looking" . . .

i can't help it. nothing is sexier, more intriguing, more alluring, more fascinating to me than an intelligent, erudite, witty, kooky, clever man. (a "dominant" personality/demeanor is also important . . . or rather "desirable" to me, too, but that's a whole other ball of wax.)

(and no need to warn me . . . i know all about the pitfalls that come with such a man all too well . . .)

i would take a well-read, well-spoken, well-written "unattractive" man ANY day, over a "hottie" (young or old).

for me, almost exclusively, it's about the brain; everything else matters not.

maybe it's because i'm not very smart (and average-looking) that i long to be with a very intelligent/intellectual man over a man who's just handsome, but that's simply how i feel . . .


Mr C said...

hell I would make out with harrison ford but that's hardly a fair comparison.

would you happily make out with the old man who walks down to the 7 eleven in his carpet slippers and spits tobacco on the street?

Of course I take your point. But it is very difficult to overlook aesthetics - after all your first experience of someone is usually through your eyes. Personally I have fallen madly in love with a range of female radio personalities but generally you see someone before you hear them. First impressions matter.

Having said that I'm anybody's... so long as the person has read Lacan and loves Shakespeare... and never saw Buddy Holly live in concert.

Lana Banana said...

how's 2 outta 3?

Mr C said...

You've never looked into Lacan's preception of desire? I'm shocked.

Lana Banana said...

oh no, it's not lacan . . . i hate shakespeare.