Tuesday, February 12, 2008


i'm at lmu right now. and yeah, it's about as exciting as it sounds. class (a course on special education law) starts at 7pm. so, am killing a bit of time.

now, i hate to be a total whinger, buuuuuuuuuuuuuut i am so tired. i really don't want to be here. however, at $3K a pop, i figure that i should probably show up, even if i am not actually "here".

i was at work saturday (allllllll day), sunday(allllllll day), AND monday (allllllll day, even though it was a holiday). it's been a long string of work days with no play in between and i don't fare well without at least a little play time.

(yes, welcome to the pity party. let me take your coat. there are hors d'Ĺ“uvres on the table . . . help yourself.)

i had to move classrooms (pictures coming forthwith) this weekend . . . and then there was the chernobyl-style meltdown i had last night when i lost the ENTIRE file for this month's newspaper. yeah.

i need a drink. several, in fact. stiff. very stiff.

anyhow, i've got two posts now that i'm itching to put up, but haven't had the time. one's on my newly favorite documentary (it's with the dalai lama) and the second is on my outing (if you can call it that) to see "smuckers on ice" at the honda center (no, that's not a joke) with my shiny, new friend, whom we're going to call "snow white". why "snow white", you ask? because it's my blog and i'll nickname people whatever i want. that's why!

where's that drink . . .

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