Friday, February 15, 2008


my nephew recently had his bar mitzvah (mazel tov!) and he had an adorable video montage . . . since i can't post a copy, here are some of the pictures from it, as well as a couple that i temporarily stole from my brother's archives so that i could put on here.

good times . . .

(1994: north hollywood, ca. no, that's not a peanut, that's my nephew and that's me.)

(1996: van nuys, ca. varsity cheerleading shot. when my student's saw this photo, the consensus was that i was a "chola" in high school . . . ha!)

(1996: kapa'a, kaua'i, hi. on vacation after my high school graduation. i look like a boy with short hair . . . and my nephew, well, he doesn't look very happy either.)

(circa 1997: puntarenas, punta leona, costa rica. my brother, moe, there in the back (that's his noggin) and my nephew, body boarding at the beach in front of my mom's house on costa rica's central pacific ocean. and if that look on my nephew's face doesn't scream "utter bliss!", then i don't know what does! this is my favorite picture ever.)

(circa 1997: arenal (volcano), costa rica. nephew at hotel tabacon's thermal pools. isn't he delicious? look at those curls! and that face!)

(not sure when this was. not too far back. in laughlin, nevada, with my girlfriends . . .)

(not sure about the date on this one, either, but a bit, is my guess.)

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Francis Stanley Pruett said...

Thank you for sharing, Lana Banana. Now I feel less at a disadvantage. You could, however, write me an email someday to get more personal feedback. I am enjoying the blog, by the way. Thank you!