Wednesday, February 6, 2008


so, i've been asked, "why obama?"

here's the short version:

i was initially for clinton, though truth be told, there really isn't much of a difference between clinton and obama in terms of policy. yeah, i know, shocker! at first, however, clinton seemed to have a little more interest in fighting poverty and economic equality (two things, which i firmly believe are nearly always at the heart of almost every conflict) than obama. i thought she seemed more genuine, at least in that respect.

and yes, i get that clinton . . . and obama, and every other candidate . . . they're all part of the same dog and pony show . . .

but in the last several months, i think obama has really struck a chord in the american people. as people have been saying, he has ignited a lust to dream, awakened in us a desire to believe. or if you prefer, he's given us that old JFK feeling. (so i hear, since JFK was before my time!)

we're past the sex and race issues, i think. all that talk that if obama wins it'll be because he's black and that if clinton wins it'll be because she's a woman is total bollocks. the fact that the race is between them is actually the best evidence that all such jibber-jabber is moot.

and there are differences, however slight . . .

as for the theory that a black president won't survive, that's just the kkk's wet dream and wholly unworthy of firing our synapses. so, let's just fuggedaboudit.

for me, obamamania is alive and well. the man's got that je ne sais quoi, that bit of magic that makes me think he'll be a much more formidable opponent for mccain, than clinton. he just might, people, have the ability that clinton lacks, to create an unstoppable wave.

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