Monday, February 14, 2011


apparently, i have a thing for close-up nature photography . . . sue me.

maybe this cantankerous exterior of mine has a few cracks.

maybe not.

(all photos: august 2010, san juan capistrano, ca. sjc mission.)


Pearl said...

Lana! How are you? And how cruel of you to post signs of life! Here in Minneapolis we are entering our, oh, eighth straight year of winter. Something like that. I have it written down somewhere, but it's definitely been a very, very long time...


Lana Banana said...

Pearl! Brrrrrrr . . . I'm shocked your fingers can stop shaking long enough to type to me!

And I see you have a book! (Clearly, you've invested in a rad pair of mittens or something!) I'm so going to have to buy it! You look smashing from all accounts!

(Wow, that's a lot of exclamations!!! Just so excited to see you!)

As for me, I'm dandy. I still have a job, which is VERY cool because I like to eat and have a place to live and shower and put my books. And I'm blogging again . . . so, yay!