Tuesday, August 12, 2008


according to the today show, "ugly is the new beautiful."

well, shiiiiiiiiiiit . . . if "average", "real", "earthy", "normal", and "ugly" really ARE the new beautiful, then i must be raging fucking HOT!


Cassy said...

WE are totally HOT!

The Wandering Gentile said...


Mrs. Wandering Gentile is not tall, nor were any of her predecessors. Height was never a prerequisite, nor is it a deal-killer. I was once intimidated by a 6'2" redhead from Atlanta.

I fantasize about lush eyebrows-and own a copy of Frida for all the wrong reasons.

And frankly, skinny women with the fake Pam Anderson boobies are highly overrated.

Holy smoke, I think I have a case of the hots for Lily Munster...

I already have the flat head. All I need are bolts for my neck.