Friday, August 1, 2008


"turn right on van ness. i'll meet you out there," he said.

"sure," she replied.

he did not see the nervous look that suddenly swept over her face.

as she rounded the corner, she saw him walking up the street.

he was just as he'd said, but better.

(writer's note: i'm at journalism camp right now, trying to steal a few moments away from 10 screeching, needy, rambunctious monkeys . . . trying a new style of story telling. who knows if it'll work . . . i'm writing again, at any rate. feeling inspired. not that THAT is any promise that what will come out will be any good . . . but at least i'm posting again.

and hey, to the two people who actually check out this blog, thanks for the encouraging words and for coming back. i'll be back myself here as soon as possible . . .)

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Cassy said...

hey- i am one of those people that kept checking, and checking, and checking. Por fin!