Saturday, January 9, 2010


here's a smattering of shots i like from my april 2009 trip to the uk with my mom . . .

(st. fagan's welsh life outdoor museum, cardiff, wales.)

(cardiff centre, wales.)

(why should i smile? i'm in cardiff!)

(tintern abbey, chepstow, wales.)

(all over the lake district, england.)


powdergirl said...

God, you know? I saw the post title and thought "Woo hoo! Porn!".

But rocks and flower are nice too : )

Lana Banana said...

i'm not in the us military, which means i can't just go in for the kill, y'know?

i woo, i charm . . . i seduce my peeps first with daffodils and lambs and ancient monasteries.

then, THEN and ONLY then i whip out the porn . . .

you just stick around, young lady, and you may yet find what you seek.

De Campo said...

I also fell prey to word play. Not the first time I’ve been ambushed by weaponized daffodils.
Awesome pictures!

almuderas said...

I have to say that you take really good photographs... those Gothic arches in, what is it Cardiff?, look astounding... theirs something tranquil about them and peaceful.

We have our own version of tranquil and peaceful architecture here in L.A., but it needs a couple more decades, perhaps centuries to germinate, you know what I mean?

Anyway, nice to meet you. I just started this blogging exercise with hopefully something to say in the future. I'm an English major at CSUDH, and I saw you were an English major too. I was thinking about teaching as well.

So much for introductions. Anyway, until later,

Good stuff.

Paul Shawkat

Lana Banana said...

it's not an "ambush" mr. de campo, sir, when you walk into it willingly.

and thanks, they are pretty nice, huh? but out of hundreds and hundreds, only a few ever come out well . . . pure luck.

Lana Banana said...

paul: what el lay needs is a good, old testament plague. a sound scourging . . . a solid smiting at the hands of the almighty . . . and then, maybe, it will look properly ruinous.

anyway, nice to meet you, too.

i'm not really an english major, though. i WAS an english major at UCLA. now, i'm just a poseur. you know, collecting books and pretending to have intelligent things to say and write. it's all a facade . . .

good luck a CSUDH!

and if my advice is worth anything: don't get into teaching. not now at any rate. the market is saturated and there is ZERO job security. i mean, unless it's your "calling". as a matter of fact, definitely DON'T do it UNLESS it's your calling.

look forward to reading your corner of the web.