Monday, January 4, 2010


(if i ever have kids, i hope they turn out like these two. frankly, i was probably too much of an asshole as a kid myself to get that lucky.)

school starts up again tomorrow.

i'm excited. we're wrapping up the first semester and heading into my favorite part of the year: harper lee's to kill a mockingbird and shakespeare's romeo and juliet.

i love, love, l o v e teaching those two pieces. and even if the kids hate them, my enthusiasm seems to carry them through.

i'm blessed, i think, to be able to find joy in even the smallest things. don't get me wrong, i can get my whinge on with the best of them, but when my head is not too far up my ass, i can usually see pretty clearly . . .


Mr C said...

When I taught that and showed the film my pupils hated that wee girl. The DVD extras had an interview with the all growed up actress - it taught them that annoying child actors grow into pretentious adults.

If you do have children like these can I use them in class? Hotseating? Role Plays? Pointing at?

De Campo said...

If I’m ever cursed with kids, I hope they have superhuman powers…or horns because that would be cool as well.

Glad to see you’re back blogging!

Lana Banana said...

mr. c, my dear, by the time i get my procreating on, you'll be in the old folks home . . .

mr. de campo, sir, if you ever have kids, i hope i'm dead. xoxo