Saturday, January 23, 2010


(2010: anaheim, ca. the view outside my balcony. palm trees and a perfectly clear, blue sky. mmmmmmm. this is what i's talkin' 'bout, yo!)

fuck yeah!


THE SKY IS BLUE (i no longer am).

and my will to live is BACK!

you know, i'm from southern california. before socal, i was on the pacific beaches of costa rica.

i am not used to rain.

i am especially not used to SIX STRAIGHT DAYS of rain.

(or, you know, uh, tornado warnings in the next town over, long beach, which is only 15 minutes away!)

if we'd had another day of rain, i may have had to kill myself.

fortunately, the gods have smiled upon me and i live to whinge another day.



powdergirl said...

You can totally keep the fucking tornadoes. That is ridiculously violent shit on Mother Natures part, and shouldn't be allowed.

And thats coming from a fairly ridiculously violent woman!

I like a bit of rain though, nice running in the forest weather, nice reading weather, nice drinking whiskey by the fire weather....

God, I wish it would rain.

Lana Banana said...

powder: i've said it before. i'll say it again. i love you.

clearly, we were separated at birth or some shit.


Six days of rain? I would be in my glory if we only had six straight days of rain over here!

Hogday said...

Nothing like a run in the rain. Unless you're lost, in the hills, with a knee injury, and its getting dark and the clouds descend so you lose your waypoint on the horizon, oh and its winter its winter - I feel another tall story coming on..... LAna, this is the difference between us Canadian/Brit type loonies and California gals lol.

fingers said...

The rain will soak the ground, in a month's time spring will have sprung, seeds will germinate, there will be lush vegetation everywhere, which will dry out and kindle nicely as you enter summer.
Relax Lana...bushfire season is nearly at hand...

De Campo said...

Just think, in a few short months it will be the dry season and you can partake in some whiskey by the fire.

EmmaK said...

what a beautiful photo
I am jealous!
Right now on E Coast we have schizophrenic tornadoes mixed with sunshine and lots of power outages

Cheryl said...

Not up here....but is okay. Am still in pajamas and I like it.

Btw, have award for you on my blog, if you're interested :)

Lana Banana said...

mouth: I LOVE THE UK . . . well, apart from the welsh fuckers who accosted me. did i already talk about them?

i'd gladly switch countries with you . . . well, at least for a little while.

hd: you crack me up! i was laughing even after i closed the window . . . ah, good times.

fingers: we come from different places you and i.

you said "bushfire" and i was like, "excuuuuuuuse me. i don't know what kind of VICIOUS rumors de campo's been spreading about me, but i'm clean."

then i realized that "bushfire" is our version of "BRUSHfire" . . .

and all i have to say about THAT is that at least fire is sparkly and warm and passionate and pretty . . .

mr. de campo, sir: cut the bullshit, darlin'. since when do people like you and like me and like powder and fingers need an excuse to drink, hmmm? that's right, NEVER.

any time is a good time for whiskey.

emma: i heard the tornadoes aren't the only thing that's schizophrenic is new york . . .

ah, well, we can't all live in paradise, now can we?

cheryl: oooooooh, oooooooh, oooooooh, me likey awards. (i'm a limelight hog and all. i know y'all thought i was just a regular hog, but nooooooo. i'm special.)

and btw, pjs rock!

The Wandering Gentile said...

Tornadoes? Violence? Sometimes one is amused. (With nothing but love for the Golden State, all in good fun.) Sometimes when Angelenos speak about the more expressive works of nature elsewhere, there seems to be a dismissal of the minor quirks of the San Andreas Fault, which means that it is theoretically possible to come home to your address and find a different house there.

Besides, in Atlanta we call tornadoes "urban renewal," due to the fact that we put a mobile home park dowwntown to attract them.

(Earthquakes aren't funny. We recall Puntarenas '91, Northridge '94, and most assuredly Haiti '10.)

Therapist Mumbles said...

12 degrees F, wind chill - 7.

Rain? Not a problem

powdergirl said...

A poem for Anna:

The sun is out, the birds has riz,
I wonder where Ms Bananas iz.

De Campo said...

You've gone AWOL...again.

Booooo AWOL!

powdergirl said...

De Campo,
I recommend a disciplinary action!

The Wandering Gentile said...


This is not happening again!!!


(Would you be so kind as to friend me on Facebook, being that the last time you disappeared I feared that you had perished in one of those wildfires that only occur in California, and parts of Texas where people are really bored.)

p.d.- Mis condolencias en la fallecida de su estudiante. Acabe de enterar. Jamas bromearia de esto.

De Campo said...

You're still AWOL...

...which is a shame because I'm mounting an offensive in LA tomorrow.

Mr C said...

hmmm. so many promises.


What a trip. I'm also from El Ley and live in Anacrime.