Wednesday, January 20, 2010


("deluge" by brij sondhi. meerut, india.)

kid: ms. banana, did you know it's going to rain about 10 feet this week?!?!
me: oh, yeah? how do YOU know?
kid: i read about it.
me: (i call bullshit!) no way.
kid: no, seriously.
me: no, i mean, there's NO WAY you actually read something . . .

so, yes, it's been pouring in el lay since monday. the rain has washed away roads, houses, hillsides, people, my will to live . . .


justsomethoughts... said...

thats an awful lot of rain....

but the rain that washes away the will to live
thats another kind of rain altoghether

Cheryl said...

Am so tired of rainy days, and I usually love rainy days because it makes staying in all day in my pajamas and watching tv (instead of furthering my art career by painting and so forth) all the more fun.

Love the painting.

Hogday said...

Holy crap! That ain't rain, thats a vertical sea, with slots in it.

Mone said...

it will get better!!!
we are stucked in the snow! I HATE SNOW!
Just emagine you would live in Seattle =D

Lana Banana said...

thoughts: i may or may not often overstate things . . .

cheryl: the painting IS great.

what's better is vegetating inside, eating grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup and pretending we don't have jobs to tend to and that the outside world doesn't, generally speaking, exist.

hd: i know, huh?!?! i LOVE it. i think it is SUCH a cool painting.

and, it's not far from the truth! we had TORNADO warnings. in CALIFORNIA!

that's insane.

we BBQ and shit for christmas. we go biking in the winter. and wear shorts and flip-flops year-round.

we DO NOT get tornadoes for heaven's sake!

mone: laughs! come and live in southern california.

if nothing else, we have amazing weather . . . i mean, except for the last week and all.