Sunday, January 3, 2010


i knew my dad for just 10 short years, but we packed a lot of great memories into that brief decade.

one of my favorite memories is of when he would pretend to go to work and instead pick me up from school and take me to magic mountain, just the two of us.

it really was magic . . .

the picture below comes from maybe a 1x1 inch negative and is over 20 years old. it came in a tiny, pink view finder, which one would hold up to the sun in order to see the image. for years i haven't looked at it because of its fragile state.

it's one of my most prized possessions.

i always wanted to have it restored and made into a photo, but i was too afraid to entrust it to anyone for fear i'd lose the picture forever.

but i met someone, finally, whom i knew i could trust . . . and for christmas/my birthday, they gave me this . . . and so much more besides . . .

(circa 1985: valencia, ca.)

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