Friday, March 14, 2008


(2008: whittier, ca. tweedle, twaddle, and gigi. tweedle and twaddle are visiting from norden, germany, for three weeks with 15 german students, as part of a student exchange. we've gotten to be great friends in the last month . . . they're wonderful. i even have an invitation to stay in germany with them next year! yay! unfortunately, however, they're leaving this weekend. so, tomorrow morning, saturday, we're off on one final tour of el lay, with special last minute pit stops at the huntington botanical gardens in pasadena and the griffith observatory near hollywood. woo hoo!)

(2008: whittier, ca.)

(2008: whittier, ca. so, as you can see, i volunteered to do a project with the exchange students--a feature/photo news magazine--which was a lot of fun . . . and hard work. there were over 800 photos to sort through and photoshop. plus, there were both english and german stories to edit . . . they were very sweet to thank the news staff and me.)

(2008: whittier, ca. cute, huh?)

(2008: whittier, ca. gerberas, my favorite daisies!)

(2008: whittier, ca.)

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