Sunday, March 16, 2008


yesterday, gigi, her husband, her mom, and i took twaddle and tweedle to the huntington before heading out to griffith observatory.

it was their last big day in el lay before heading back to norden, germany . . . they were visiting for a month as a part of a german exchange program at our school. and though i'm not part of the german program, nor do i speak german . . . though, i admit, i do like sauerkraut quite a bit . . . i was made honorary member of the program just by the fact that my classroom is next door to gigi's.

if you've never been to the huntington, you MUST go!

hope y'all enjoy the tour . . .

(all photos: 2008: san marino, ca.)

(left to right: gigi, mr. gigi, g-mom, twaddle, tweedle.)

(the state flower of california: the poppy (at least i think this is a poppy . . .)

(and another . . .)

(and another . . .)

(gigi in front of some seriously spikey cacti . . .)

(wow, umm, glad i ain't lost in that forrest.)

(cactus 1: "what do you want for dinner?" cactus 2: "i don't know. what do you want for dinner?" cactus 1: "you know, for once i would like for you to make the decisions!")

("mooooooom, how much longer do we have to pose for these people? my neck is killing me!")

("yeah, you just wait until YOU get old . . .")

(pssssst, twaddle, tweedle, look this way!)


(you know, if god exists, he's got a delicious sense of humor.)

(this flower was the size of my pinky and yet look how beautiful . . . it's amazing, isn't it, life?)

(i half expected tinker bell, herself, to crawl out of this gorgeous thing.)

(bushy, bright, brilliant ball of beauty.)

(this plant is called "crown of thorns" . . . so, not only does this god have a great sense of humor, but apparently an equally wonderful sense of irony. what a remarkable dichtomy, don't you think? that something can be forbidding and inviting all at once . . .)

(cool, huh?)

(it's a good thing that the cacti garden wasn't any larger or else twaddle might have lost his vision altogether . . .)

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