Sunday, March 16, 2008


(all photos: 2008: los feliz/hollywood, ca.)

(the drive up to griffith observatory. we'd had great weather all day, despite reports of a 40% chance of rain . . . and though it didn't rain on us at the observatory, it did get very, very cold at the end . . . brrrrrrr!)

(the upside is that all that cold and wind kept the smog away. yay!)

(umm, what are those puffy things? are they marshmallows? mmm, i love marshmallows; sweet little pillows of sugary goodness. but i digress: this is a very unusual sight in el lay . . .)

(the famous hollywood sign . . . enjoy it, people, 'cuz it might not be there for much longer if real estate developers have their way.)

(tweedle with a blurry hollywood sign in the background.)

(she's little, gigi, but she's also mighty! a little fuzzy in the right corner, but the wind had picked up and was whipping my hair about every which way.)

(tweedle loooooooooooves james dean and all 3 of his movies . . . i guess quality and not quantity is what counts. really, this bust was the main reason we came up to the observatory!)

(no, those aren't pigeons; it's g-mom and gigi!)

(tweedle in the far left corner . . . random tourist messing up my shot . . . mr. gigi, gigi, g-mom, twaddle.)

(the one patch of blue sky. going, going, goooooone!)

(the observatory in it's entirety.)

(entrance to the observatory. there wasn't much to see inside, though, because a) we didn't have tickets to any of the shows and b) the telescope was closed due to the "inclement" weather. i say inclement in quotes because those of you in parts of the world that actually get inclement weather probably find my use of the word in this situation rather amusing, i'm sure.)

(the cupola inside the observatory's foyer.)

(what's gigi lookin' at?)

(oh! ah . . .)

(auf wiedersehen, frau tweedle und herr twaddle! we'll miss you! see you in two years!)

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