Thursday, March 13, 2008


(2008: whittier, ca.)

(2008: whittier, ca. in the background, one of my kids on staff, the school's resident cartoonist. he's an amazing artist . . . word. someday, i will post a photo of the poster he made for me to recruit kids for next year's news staff; it's off the chain.)

(2008: whittier, ca.)

(2008: whittier, ca.)

i took these pictures, today, in my fifth period. i've had this daisy on my desk since monday, when one of my freshmen, knowing that i love daisies, brought it to me during fourth period. as a gag, we filled up this itty-bitty trophy on my desk with water and used it as a vase (pronounced "vaaaahhhrse").

anyhow, the little thing has lasted all week! can you believe it? so, i decided this afternoon that it deserved a photo. and as i was snapping the shot, my editor-in-chief for next year looked at me and said, "ms. b., what are you going to title that shot?" i thought about it, then as i was about to answer with something totally lame, she volunteered, "the intersection of human and natural achievement."

wow. you know? i mean, yeah, wow.

this is why i love kids. this is why i LOVE my job. shit like that is what makes the pay bearable.

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