Sunday, March 9, 2008


old news, but new to me since i've been in my self-imposed exile: bush vetoed the proposed ban on waterboarding, amongst other forms of torture, including beatings, electrocution, burning, the use of dogs to threaten or realize physical harm, stripping, and forced sexual acts.


i mean, really, do we actually need a ban on these deplorable, reprehensible, immoral methods of interrogation? how is it possible that we've been able to show our collective face in the international arena for this long, demanding that other nations conduct themselves morally, humanely, according to the laws set forth in the geneva conventions, while we engage in methods of interrogation that would make even the most fervent spanish inquisitors blush?

so, let me get this straight . . . our argument is: if they can, then so can we?

i say again, wow.

fine. great. while we're at it, let's also bring back witch trials. i mean, why not?

we cannot hope to bring our so-called freedom and democracy to the world, unless we bring also our integrity.

bush's actions say to the world we are incapable of being a true leader, for no leader may hope to guide with a broken moral compass.

if we use the terrorist's methods, then are we not also terrorists?

if have not our honesty, our moral fortitude, then we have nothing.


diminished said...

complete honesty is hard to come by...unless there is tragedy, or you have some good drugs. do we live in an honest world? bush don't mean shit. don't try to give him more power than he is worth by giving him credit for the things that began so long before he could even snort a line and max out as a c student.

Lana Banana said...

my god, man, are you dracula? tell the truth now, no fibbing. are you just out for my blood? seriously, you are always awake at the most ungodly hours . . .

ok, garlic necklace firmly 'round my throat . . .

listen, i am not deluded. i know you were being rhetorical, but fuck it, i'll answer you straight: complete honesty is not hard to come by; it is impossible to find. i do not say that lightly. i am a very optimistic person and that statement is not a sign that i am jaded.

tragedy and drugs or no tragedy and drugs . . . human beings have engaged and will engage in lying, at best, as a means of self-preservation . . . at worst, as a means of self-advancement . . . exhibit a: george w. bush.

frankly, i am not so much giving bush credit for a system that, as you say, was already in place, as i am chastising him for not using his position to change that system. BUT, as you also say, what can i expect from a submoronic cokehead?

sigh . . .