Thursday, March 20, 2008


(2008: whittier, ca. my link crew dancing/lip syncing to michael jackson's "thriller". for the finals, we're going to add zombie-like make up to our presentation and sparkly, silver gloves for everyone's left hand . . . it's gonna be no contest. this year's routine might even actually be better than last year's "what is love?" by haddaway, which was incredible.)



now, WHAT did we win, you ask? well, i'll tell you . . . today, my students and i won our school's 2nd annual freshmen link crew lip sync competition. ok, ok, it's only the semi-finals, but STILL!

but what about "again", you say?

let me explain . . . see, last year my link crew ALSO won the lip sync competition (over 25 other link crew classes), so this year there is a lot at stake. namely, my reputation as the teacher with the mostest.

finals for the competition are week after next, when we return from spring break. knock on wood, but we're probably going to kill the rest of the groups . . . erm, uh, i mean, it's the camaraderie and having fun that REALLY counts . . .

wish us luck!

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