Saturday, March 8, 2008


(2008: la habra, ca.)

still crazy busy.

been at school since early this morning and just got home.

i am hermitting myself.

and yeah, i know, "hermitting" is not a word. but it is now.

i hope to resume my regular blog programming later this month once i whittle down some of my insane work load.

not that the teeming millions are hanging on my every word, or anything, like they are on uncle cecil's . . . i am no "auntie lana" . . . but i do feel slightly guilty when i don't make time to write here.

in any event, y'all, stay above the fray.

(god, i'm such a little whinger, huh?)


ab said...

Now I am curious... who's eyeball is that next to yours?

Lana Banana said...


oh my . . .

more important than the respective ownership of either eyeball in the photo, is the quandary that is before us now: did you really MEAN to say "who's", ms. v, did you?

i would rather hope than fretting over the former, you might first see to the latter . . .

ab said...

Who is the owner of the eyeball next to yours?

Whose eye is in the picture?

Stop deflecting the real question by pointing out my terrible mistake.

Lana Banana said...

now, who said anything about one of those eyeballs being mine?

listen, just because i worship you and dream about you and write songs about you and think about you every time i take a bath DOESN'T mean that i don't have other friends (and by "friends" i mean people whom i pay to pretend to like me) who would . . . in this case . . . let me take a random photo of their eyeballs.