Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WHENI'M64. . .

my good friend and colleague, blu, turned 28 TODAY!


her yearbook staff, my news staff, and i threw her a little surprise party in my (brand spanking NEW!) classroom this afternoon. i don't think she was very surprised since i apparently wasn't an especially good liar . . . still, she seemed excited and grateful . . .

the pictures below are PART I of the blu bedazzling and bewildering birthday bonanza bash!

(all photos 2008: whittier, ca.)

(my classroom isn't finished yet and i felt it wasn't fit for a party, but blu has a VERY convincing yearbook editor . . . besides, it wasn't anything that a few streamers and balloons couldn't overcome . . .)

(mmm . . . pizza, cake, cookies, soda . . . glad those kids weren't in MY class for 6th period!)

(i'm such a FABULOUS artist, huh? nevermind, don't answer that . . .)

(pretty, right? i hope she liked them. i got this arrangement because it had my favorite flower in it: the daisy!)

(what you can't see or hear, thankfully, is the ridiculously obnoxious musical card i got her that played "shake your groove thing" on loop . . .)

(guess the pizza's good.)

(and the cookies too, apparently!)

(any more candles and the fire alarm would've gone off . . . (just kidding, blu!))

(it's a wonder she had enough breath with which to blow ALL THOSE CANDLES out . . . (still kidding))

(add "good cake" to the list . . .)


(nothing says "WE LOVE YOU" more than getting your car covered in post-its and plastic wrap. the note from blu's editor-in-chief says: don't kill us for this . . .)

(this is my editor-in-chief. blu had her for an SAT prep class last year (the SAT or the scholastic aptitude test, which, for my overseas friends who aren't savvy about america's educational system, is a high stakes test that supposedly helps colleges determine who's in and who ain't). here my editor is thanking blu for helping her achieve a high score on the exam. but frankly, if this is thanks, then, no thanks . . .)

(hard to believe, but blu's a re . . . re . . . rep . . . hold on, i have a little bit of vomit in my mouth . . . a republican . . .)

(so, here were some subtle hints as to whom she should vote for come november . . . note says: hillary 4 prez!)

(note reads: obama! now, i didn't write this one, but i think whoever wrote it is a brilliant, attractive, genuine, kind, caring, intelligent, witty, honest, sincere, down-to-earth, heck of a person!)

(and when all else fails: mr. bean.)

(note reads: scintilating school marm. SHOULD read: scintillating schoolmarm . . .)

("be who you are and say what you feel, 'cause those who mind don't matter and those who matter won't mind.")

("march confidently in the direction of your dreams.")

(hell devils.)

(queen hell devil.)

(note reads: titilating . . . ahem, titilLating . . . temptress.)

(REAL life skills . . .)

(mwaaah aaah aaah aaah!)

(the pièce de résistance!)

(and now we wait . . .)

(and wait . . .)

(and, no joke, FORTY minutes later . . .)

(wait, MORE waiting . . .)


(guess blu found the "obama!" sticker . . .)

(the game IS ON, blu! bring on journalism camp!)

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