Sunday, March 16, 2008


all fingers and toes still intact, we moved into my favorite section of the huntington: the japanese garden . . .

(all photos: 2008: san marino, ca.)

(mr. gigi and gigi. mr. gigi is from germany. he and gigi met in germany when she went there to get her MA in german. don't let their cute little faces fool you, they're texas hold 'em sharks those two.)

(when i saw this on the way to the japanese gardens, it reminded me of the children's book "the secret garden" by frances hodgson burnett, which i read and reread and reread as a kid . . .)

(here we go! my favorite spot!)

(the trail up to the main part of the garden is lined with gorgeous bushes that were blushing in a variety of pinks . . . like this . . .)

(and this . . .)

(and this . . .)

(then, as though being born again, you come out of the dark trail into the luminous loveliness of the huntington's japanese garden . . )

(so maybe not everything about those robber barons was bad . . .)

(if i ever get married, i want wedding photos here.)

(a taisho sanshoku koi . . . just means it's a white-skinned koi with red and black patches.)

(a yellow ogon koi. he was saying something to me, but my japanese is very poor.)

(i think he was saying something about going to france on holiday this summer . . .)

(unfortunately, my japanese wasn't good enough to reply . . . not that i could've been of much help anyway; i've never been to france.)

(i adore cherry blossoms.)

(mmm, i could take a permanent nap beneath these branches . . .)

(even the trunk is exquisite.)

(clearly, ruskin was wrong; beauty and the sublime are obviously one.)

(gives you a sense of calm, huh?)

(i learned that "bonsai" is not a tree, but rather an art . . . and that any tree can be bonsai . . . i didn't know that. did you?)


(double wow.)

(well, now that we've perused the wonders of the japanese garden, where are we off to next?)

(twaddle's easy; he'll go anywhere . . . but what about tweedle? she looks very serious, indeed.)

(maybe we ought to ask buddha?)

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